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Ræder Bing is a lawfirm in Oslo with a rich history and traditions of delivering high quality legal services to companies, domestic and abroad.

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Ræder Bing is the result of a merger from October 2023 between two law firms: Advokatfirmaet Ræder and Bing Hodneland advokatselskap. We wish both new and old customers welcome to our office with the panorama view above the Opera building, the Munch-museum and the Oslofjord.


About Bing Hodneland

The firm is one of the oldest law firms in Norway. The firm has its origins from 1897 when Knut S. Dybwad at the age of 27 started his own business as a lawyer. In 1909 Jørgen Ording acceded the company as partner and later on Ernst Hodneland joined in, first as associate and in 1929 as partner. All three of them became barrister for the Supreme Court during their careers. Ernst Hodneland was imprisoned by the occupying power in 1943 for contesting the legality of an amendment to the Odelslaw given by the Quisling government (the Øverland case) in a court case based on international law.

The firm was centrally situated in Oslo with offices at Øvre Slottsgate 18/20 since the late 1930’s and Stortingsgata 4 since 2006. Both Per Hodneland, Ernst’s son, became partner in 1978, and Per's son, Knut Hodneland, became partner in 2017.

The company Hodneland & Co ANS merged with Bing & Co in 2011 and became Bing Hodneland. Bing Hodneland had its office at Fridtjof Nansens plass 4 in Oslo.

The company grew to a mid-sized law firm in Norway with in-depth industry knowledge in real estate, construction, IT, entertainment, media, culture and sports, as well as cutting-edge expertise in employment law, privacy, tax, fees, company law, transactions and dispute resolution.

About Ræder

Ræder Wisløff Aasland ANS dates back to 1949, when two attorneys, Jacques F. Ræder and Einar Blanck, set themselves up in offices on Karl Johans gate in Oslo. Ræder and Blanck both had experience of being imprisoned by the Germans during the war, and they were both involved in the legal purges as part of their work with the Department of Enemy Property.

Since it was established, Ræder Wisløff Aasland (previously known as Ræder Blanck Wisløff Aasland) mainly focused its activities on the commercial legal sector. This provided Ræder with a platform for developing extensive legal and practical expertise in most areas dealing with trade and commerce.

The merger in the year 2000 of the two legal firms to become the legal firm Ræder was prompted by the trend taking place in the economy, in other respects, towards larger, more efficient organisations. Ottesen & Co DA had, just like Ræder Wisløff Aasland ANS, mainly operated in the commercial legal field, dealing with small and medium-sized commercial companies. Ræder's clients have mainly been small and medium-sized businesses, but have included, an ever-increasing number of major companies which are leaders in their respective sectors.

Ræder had its office in Vika Atrium from 2000, and moved in 2009 to Solli plass. In 2019 Ræder became the first, larger lawfirm to move offices into the new business district of Oslo, - Barcode in Bjørvika.


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