Distribution and Franchise

Agency, distribution or franchise agreements ideally aim to get organizations, people and products to cooperate and create value. Commercial agency, distribution and franchising law is complex and often across national jurisdictions. The best agreements are handled by experienced advisors that provide both strategic and legal advice.

Advisors that guide companies in this field, have a good commercial understanding ensuring that the objectives of the parties are properly addressed and secured. They must also have in-depth knowledge with contract law, marketing law and intellectual property rights as protection and use of proprietary know- how, trademark and patents are often central in agreements and contracts. Competition law is also important - pricing, territorial exclusivity, purchase commitments and non-compete obligations must always be designed to ensure compliance with Norwegian and/or EEA/EU law.

Ræder Bing advises Norwegian and international companies, chain owners, distributors, leading brands and trade organizations on all aspects of commercial agency, distribution and franchise law for decades.

We typically advise on matters including establishing, changing or terminating commercial structures and agreements, negotiating and drafting contracts as well as dispute resolution and litigation should a conflict arise. We can therefore advise you, whether you are considering introducing an international concept into the norwegian market, or looking for business opportunities and expansion abroad.

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