E-sport and gaming

Our lawyers offer assistance related to the commercial operation of e-sports businesses. We can help with various aspects, including company formation, entering into advertising and sponsorship agreements, managing trademarks and sports rights, and organizing events, competitions, and similar activities. Our lawyers specialize in areas such as copyright law, contract law and marketing law providing tailored legal support for e-sports ventures.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in assisting organizations, clubs, athletes, and game developers in the e-sports industry. We have a vast network within these sectors and can support the further commercialization of your e-sports business.

Our expertise also extends to sports law, including agreements for teams and athletes, production agreements for games and apps, contracts for the delivery of VR services, as well as e-commerce, media, and broadcasting.

We assist companies in the e-sports and gaming industry across a wide range of practice areas, including:

Intellectual property law and marketing law

The lawyers specializing in intellectual property law assist in establishing, securing, and enforcing various types of rights, including copyrights, trademarks, designs, domain names, and company names. We can also manage portfolios of such rights on behalf of companies in the e-sports and gaming industry, including licensing agreements, international technology contracts, and agreements with those broadcasting or showcasing e-sports and similar events on various platforms, including social media (SoMe).

Privacy law and GDPR

In the e-sports and gaming industry, stakeholders must adhere to minimum requirements within the data privacy regulations. For providers of various apps, cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), or other IT solutions, privacy and data security are central concerns. Ræder Bing's lawyers have extensive experience in drafting participant agreements, consent texts, data processing agreements, and privacy policies within the e-sports and gaming industry.

Tax and fees

Effective advice and thorough tax and fee planning can provide businesses with competitive advantages. Ongoing advisory in this field is both a better and more cost-effective solution than seeking crisis assistance after a tax audit or a visit from the Norwegian Tax Authority.

Corporate law

Ræder Bing's corporate law attorneys can provide ongoing advice to companies related to operations and governance, for the benefit of management, governing bodies, and shareholders.

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