Public and Government Relations

In Norway, the vast majority of business life is meticulously regulated, and the frameworks defined by the authorities have a great impact. Succeeding in Norway requires an understand of and compliance with Norwegian law, an understanding of the regulatory processes, insight to Norwegian public policy and knowledge on how policy is formed.

Ræder Bing has lawyers with experience in both law and politics. We can assist in explaining how decisions are made and how businesses should proceed to achieve their goals with government entities, such as advocating for a change in the law or successfully obtaining a permit under the Planning and Building Act.

Our legal team has experience in both government work and local politics. We have extensive experience with the media, which can be a crucial element in a successful strategy.

Our lawyers assist businesses on a daily basis in how to comply with various regulatory requirements, such as those outlined in the Norwegian Administrative Procedures Act, the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act, the Norwegian Personal Data Act and the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

Public Law and Government Administration

Public agencies involved in the exercise of government authority are mandated to adhere to the regulations within administrative law in their exercise of authority. We assist clients in being heard in the administrative processes of all Norwegian public authorities, including filing complaints against administrative decisions, requesting decisions to be reconsidered, or securing a stay of execution.

Our team has extensive experience with administrative law issues from various roles and positions, such as those at the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Competition Authority, and the Armed Forces. We also have lawyers with experience as municipal attorneys and at the Office of the Attorney General.

Security Consultancy  

We assist businesses subject to the Norwegian Security Act. It is crucial to adopt a risk-based approach when assessing the Security Act and to have an understanding of when the law applies to the business and when it does not. We also assist investors or businesses that plan to acquire a company which is subject to screening review under the Security act. Ræder Bing's attorneys have expertise in all areas of the Security Act and provide strategic advice at the intersection of law, administration, and policy.


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