Real Estate

Ræder's Real Estate team is one of the leading teams in Norway and advises Norwegian and international owners, developers, proprietors, advisors and contractors on all legal issues and on all types of projects in the real estate sector.

Our lawyers typically advise on issues such as property development, purchase, sale, rental, construction, property management, structuring and financing. The team consists of specialists who work closely across practice areas. Real Estate projects will often involve specialists from the following practice areas:

Property Development

Our team of specialists regularly advise on all aspects of property development, planning law and local authority practice and procedure. Several of Ræder Bings’s attorneys have extensive experience from both top-level government work and local politics and with legal, commercial and political experience have a holistic view providing strategic and legal advice to clients on property development, planning law issues as well as public and government relations


Ræder Bing’s experienced construction team has advised Norwegian and international proprietors, consultants and contractors on complex public and private construction projects for decades. They typically assist on contract drafting, negotiations, settlements, management of claims and dispute resolutions.

Commercial Property

Our real estate attorneys are experienced in handling all types and stages of real estate transactions. The practice specializes in legal, commercial and practical issues in conjunction with the purchase and sale of commercial property. They regularly assist and advise on bidding, due diligences, structures/ structuring, financing, drafting of contracts and negotiations and settlements. Effectively managing real estate is an issue of strategic importance and our practice therefore also advises on lease agreements, commercial leases, managing real estate, property development and other legal and strategic real estate issues.

Dispute Resolutions and Litigation

Legal disputes in the real estate sector are often complex, involve financial and reputational risk and are time consuming. Ræder Bing’s attorneys counsel clients and provide strategic advice often looking for out-of-court settlements when in the interest for our clients. Our dispute and litigation team assists with settlement negotiations and various forms of mediation.

Disputes do however end up in court and our experienced team of litigators handle a significant number of cases before the various courts each year - including the supreme court. Our attorneys are also regularly appointed as arbitrators.

Tax and Duties 

Ræder Bing’s experienced tax and duties team advises Norwegian and international companies in the sector on tax and duties. Clear, practical advice coupled with planning can help your company stay competitive, compliant and responsible.

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