Doing business in Norway

If you are planning to sell services or products in Norway or hire out employees, there are several reporting and registration obligations you must comply with. Our lawyers regularly advise foreign businesses on legal aspects when setting up and doing business in Norway.

We can help you establish your business in Norway

Tax and VAT liability and social security issues must be assessed, and you must follow Norwegian labour law. There may also be immigration issues which must be considered.

Ræder’s lawyers have extensive experience in assisting foreign companies in legal matters related to their business in Norway. We advise a wide range of clients accross various industries.

We can assist in all types of issues, such as:

  • Advise on type of entity
  • Company/Branch (“NUF”) registration
  • Evaluation of tax and VAT liability
  • Interpretation of tax treaties
  • Completion and submission of individual and company tax returns
  • VAT reporting
  • Registration in the VAT register
  • VAT representation
  • Reporting of contracts and employees in Norway (RF-1199 and RF-1198)
  • Application for a Norwegian ID-number and identity check
  • ID-cards for construction workers
  • Payroll routines and salary withholding tax compliance
  • National Insurance Scheme and social security contribution
  • Accounting legislation
  • Labour Law
  • Immigration law

Structuring your business in Norway

Business activities in Norway can be organised in several ways. Find out how: 

Financial reporting and auditing

When operating in Norway, businesses are subject to Norwegian taxation in accordance with internal Norwegian legislation. Get an overview here


Businesses that have employees or who pay salaries must submit an “a-melding”. Read more about A-melding - withholding tax and payroll.

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