Ræder has for many years worked closely with a wide range of companies in the technology sector. We have in-depth knowledge and understand issues that companies in the sector typically face throughout their lifecycle. Our clients span from startups and entrepreneurs, innovation clusters, listed companies to multinational corporations.

Ræder Bing provides tailored legal and commercial advice to Norwegian and international businesses in the IT Tech industry. Our assistance for early-stage companies includes establishing and organizing the business, protecting intellectual property, contract drafting, and capital raising.

For larger technology clients, we coordinate all legal assistance, both domestically and internationally, and we have a vast network of attorneys worldwide with whom we closely collaborate. We assist with different international standard agreements, customer and end-user agreements, fundraising, and the establishment of international corporate structures.

Some of our lawyers have played key roles in technology companies, including being an employee in a IT company. Several of our lawyers hold board positions in technology companies, including those listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We assist clients across a wide range of practice areas, including:


IT law

Ræder Bing’s lawyers have extensive experience and specialize in e-commerce, telecommunications law, Internet regulation, and cybersecurity, gaming law, right of withdrawal, and other consumer rules within the IT industry. Our lawyers can tailor IT contracts like the standard agreements known as SSA to fit a specific delivery. Additionally, we assist clients in drafting, negotiating, and updating all types of IT contracts. We also help businesses in the private and public sectors in other industries looking to ensure the quality of an IT procurement or with other questions related to digitization or requirements for universal design for websites and apps.

Intellectual Property Rights and Marketing Law

Ræder Bing has one of the country's largest and most experienced departments in intellectual property law. Our lawyers assist in establishing, securing, and enforcing various types of rights, including copyright, trademarks, designs, domain names, and corporate names. We can also manage portfolios of such rights on behalf of companies or rights holders. Ræder Bing's lawyers work daily on the drafting and negotiation of various licensing agreements and international technology contracts..

Privacy and GDPR

All businesses must be diligent in the handling of personal data. For providers of various apps, cloud services, artificial intelligence (AI), or other IT solutions, privacy and data security are central concerns. Ræder Bing's lawyers have extensive experience acting as Data Protection Officers (DPOs) for clients in the private and public sectors, as well as handling cases that are reviewed by the Data Protection Authority and participating in complaint resolution processes with the Privacy Appeals Board.

E-sport & gaming

Ræder Bing's lawyers provide assistance related to the commercial operation of e-sports businesses. We can help with various aspects, including company formation, entering into advertising and sponsorship agreements, managing trademarks and sports rights, and organizing events, competitions, and similar activities. We also have lawyers who specialize in sports law, including agreements with teams and athletes, production agreements for games and apps, agreements for the provision of VR services, as well as e-commerce, gaming, media, broadcasting, and rights clearance.

Public procurement

Our lawyers provide legal assistance in all phases of the procurement process for contracting authorities. For suppliers, we have experience in both the tender phase and any potential complaint proceedings. We have experience in creating or customizing requirements related to IT Tech procurements, including establishing evaluation criteria related to privacy and information security.

Corporate M&A

Ræder Bing assists businesses both domestically and internationally with transactions often crossing borders. Several of our lawyers have acquired a significant portion of their expertise abroad, including in New York (3 of our lawyers are licensed in New York with a combined experience of around 20 years of legal practice in New York City). We have assisted in numerous acquisitions or sales of technology companies and have substantial experience in due diligence reviews of companies within this industry.

Stock Exchanges and Capital Markets

Our lawyers have extensive experience in assisting publicly traded technology companies. We provide support for due diligence and other transactions, and we offer advice on matters including reporting obligations, takeover regulations, and regulations for submitters.

Taxes and Fees

Effective advice and sound tax and duties planning can provide businesses with competitive advantages. Ongoing advisory in this field is both a better and more cost-effective solution than seeking crisis assistance after a tax audit or a visit from the Norwegian ax Authority.

Corporate Law

Regardless of the stage a business is in, Ræder Bing's corporate law attorneys can provide ongoing legal advice related to operations and governance, for the benefit of management, governing bodies, and shareholders.

Dispute resolution

If disputes arise with customers, suppliers, collaborators, or others, Ræder Bing's dispute resolution lawyers can assist in negotiations, mediations, and in legal disputes in all courts.

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